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Choose saree blouse designs as per Your Body Type

Nothing can of course look as elegant as a “sari” on any Indian women. This very classic and traditional Indian attire can instantly make any women stunning and gorgeous. But with the growing trend, even this pretty attire is getting more fashionable and worn as a glamour quotient.  So we obviously need to discuss about blouse designs as well.

You can avail them in numerous designs, as they contribute equal importance as a sari to beatify any woman’s look. There are sample of blouse patterns that you can select to match your sarees, but its essential the ones that will also perfectly suits the body shape. Your blouse pattern must not only look best with saree, but enhance the personality as well. Wondering the ways to select the best blouse for yourself? Read the article below to know saree blouse designs as per Your Body Type.

1. Apple figure: they have heavy figure at top and great assets. Just add some logic to work the blouses work best for you and make the sari look even more beautiful. Skip any handwork blouse or ones with loads of embellishments, especially over chest area. They tend to add more weight on your chest.

Thus, you can select Black georgette readymade-blouse or anything that has light fabric like crepe or satin. Also the blouses with one colour will look the best.  Avoid any large prints or deep necklines.

2. Small-busted body type: there are many blouse designs to suit your body type, but the blouses with illusion to full bust will be most appropriate. Firstly, ensure that your blouse is padded and is filled with embellishments on its chest area: like The maharani blouse. Studded & embroidered. This will also cover up your lean neck. Alternatively you may also go for halter neck or collar neck. Choose blouse with heavy fabrics, like brocade or Maroon and red and golden velvet readymade-blouse.

3. Athletic body type: this is a best figure type that doesn’t need more consideration for blouse types, as they can look gorgeous in any pattern or style. Flaunt a Silver colour embroidery cotton celebrity wear blouse with no sleeves to look best in your sari. You may also choose noodle straps, corsets, halters or something in long sleeve to suit your figure and rock the style.

4. Figure with Broad-shoulders:  it becomes difficult to embrace broad shoulders and sometimes women with such figure tend to pick up wrong blouses. Women with broad shoulders must try to highlight their toned arms/ sexy back. You can go for bare styles, broad necklines, short sleeves that will be useful to conceal the wide shoulders. Halter neck printed blouse black, thin straps blouses or padded blouses are a strict no-no for broad shoulders.

5. Voluptuous body: A woman with fuller body must enhance their figure by opting blouses with full-sleeve or quarter-sleeves. This will help in covering their arms & shoulders. Go for   sexy bare back to keep up with the balance.  Never select blouses that has puff sleeves, noodle strap or halter neck, as they show off your   untoned arms & shoulders. Opt for Printed sea green mix and match pure crepe blouse, light fabrics, small prints.

6. Skinny body: women with this body need to choose something that’s contemporary. Choose from sexy halter necks or fashionable sleeveless blouses with your favourite chiffon sarees. Even blouse with high neck or with collars will add a good effect. Choosing a traditional silk sarees such as Kanjivaram /Benarasi? Make sure to have puff sleeves for your blouses to add more weight and volume to the stringy arms.  You can also choose something like Katrina Kaif’s 3/4 black brocade blouse that had lovely embroidery on its sleeves.  

7. Medium body type: select something in short sleeve to get that neat look for your body advantage. Blouse patterns in deep necks or backs are a yes for you. Avoid wearing suffocating blouses with no necklines at all. This will just hide your beautiful curves of the body that is meant to show-off. You can wear Blouse with strings at back that became very popular in the year 2015 among Bollywood and can also be seen in Madhuri Dixit’s blouse designs on the sets of Jhalak Diklha Ja.

8. Plus size: don’t worry if are in the fat lady category. Saris look even good on the plump beauties. Just make sure to avoid puff sleeved or sleeveless blouses. Something like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s full sleeves blouse will help in accentuating the flab over your arms and are also in vogue these days. If the sari that you want to wear has thick borders, choose simple half sleeves blouse that matches the border to the arms. Also neck patterns like boat neck, v-necks or choli-type blouses will add more charm to the sari.

Keep the above tips in mind while you go your boutique to get some fashionable blouses stitched the next time.